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  THE MAN OF SORROWS. Sorrowful unto death Dying a sorrowful death Dying another's death Of His own accord Of which the accused Can never afford Buried with sinners Caged souls in sheol Craving for the Savior To save their souls Empowered by His Spirit Overpowered the evil spirit; Uncaged caged souls From the caves of sheol Triumphant over death Risen from the dead Seen by His Angels Touched by His disciples Ascended to His abode Enthroned gloriously to abide Sitted far above all Intercedes for His Saints always Via continual offering of their petitions To the Father of all... And His Name, reigns above all! © Gabriel Udensi 2021. #Christ_Is_Risen #Easter_Sunday #The_Ressurection
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 FULLY PAID: In the midst of the irreconcilable differences Between the spirit and body Preset to set off by the Preset alarm of the ancient Pendulum clock, divorce is imminent Which doth precipitate to the Severance of the silver cord As a result, the homeless spirit Sails onwards its true north So does the deserted home, the body In an opposite direction Towards its true nothingness, dust to dust The earth regains its token Then, every debt is fully paid. #Philosophical_Apperception #Separation #Spirit_Realm #Art_Of_Dying #Poetry


  LEARNING IS ENDLESS. If the teacher teaches A is for Author B is for Book C is for Creativity... P is for Poetry I will magnify my lens to absorb And glean the poetic lines And deposit same into My knowledge bank, Learning is endless If the maths tutor should Plot the graph to derive the Parabolic equation, I will stand at Angle 180° to transpose it to poetic matrix Then glean and deposit same Into my knowledge bank, Learning is endless If a mad person should soliloquize And chants some poetic verses I will listen carefully to glean some Lines and deposit same into My knowledge bank, Learning is endless If the drunk, mocked by wine Should bubble, babble…rattle I will extend my receptacle to glean Some poetic verses and deposit same Into my knowledge bank, Learning is endless If the bird at my window sill Should sing and chants some New day songs, I will be attentive To glean some lyrical poetry and deposit Same into my knowledge bank, Learning is endless If the new born babe should S


  WHAT IS POETRY? Definition: Poetry is a literary composition, which expresses thoughts, emotions, feelings and ideas; in a very concise and compact form. Tips for Effective Reading, Analyzing and Understanding Poetry: 1) Question: While reading a poem, ask questions about the effect of the words. Think about the word pictures, symbols and imagery: What do they make you see? How do they make you feel? What do they make you feel or perceive? 2) Clarify: As you read poetry, pause to clarify - to ask if the words mean exactly what they say (literary meaning), or if the words suggest something else beyond their basic literary meaning (figurative language). 3) Listen: Lyrical poetry has musical attributes. Therefore, to fully enjoy it, listen to the music created by the rhythm and rhyme patterns. Consider the effect of the repetition of sounds, words and phrases. 4) Summarize: Narrative poems tell stories. Therefore, when you read stop at appropriate points in the story t


 THE LABOUR OF MOTHERHOOD. Oh! Imagine a world without mothers What emptiness, how meaningless The salt of the earth are the mothers The flavour of families are mothers The comfort and joy of children are the mothers oh! Imagine a world without mothers The deserts of the Arabians Will be more fruitful than such A motherless world It will be a world full of dead bones And dry leaves without substance Oh! The labour of motherhood May her seeds bruise the heads Of serpentine tyrants and rulers To set the captives free And deliver the helpless from The hands too strong for them God bless the mothers. Happy Mother's Day ❤️❤️ © Gabriel Udensi 2021.


  PIE DAY POETRY. Ouch! It's the pie day, 3.14 The fourteenth day of the third month A mathematical jewel A precious pearl of the Scientific and mathematical gladiators The cerebral offshoot of two Master minds, Williams Jones and Archimedes, Pie day also coincides with The birth date of the exponent Of relativity, Albert Einstein To spice up this special day Do some maths related to pie Get some pie snacks and share Within the circumference of friends Not forgetting the diameter of family Install the pie app And mine crypto via pie app. #PieArt_Celebration #Happy_Pie_Day © Gabriel Udensi 2021.

VOICES IN THE ZONY OF SILENCE( The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle).

 VOICES IN THE ZONE OF SILENCE. (The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle). The adventure of mortals The benevolence of immortals The conspiracy of the gods Converges at the epicenter Parameters of the three angles A B C of the dreaded triangle The trigonometry of unsolved mystery An insatiable cone The embassy of the abyss That had defiled algebra and geometry How shall mortals plug your leak; To check the leakage? Shall the gods be appeased? Shall mortals be guided by immortals, To the sacred heart of the Uncaused Cause? The abode of the Secret of secrets… Who shall unseal the sealed? Who shall decode the code? Are we all submerged in helplessness? It’s for glory, the Omniscient conceals a thing And for honour, Kings searches for secret things Where are the honourable men? Where are the Kings? Where did they go? Where did they go? © Gabriel Udensi 2021.